Dural sealing: MRI supports TissuePatchDural

Surgeons at Besta Institute in Milan have reported to Tissuemed their results when using MRI to assess post-operative Cerebrospinal fluid leaks following surgery. Most significant is their finding, reported by Dr Paolo Ferroli as follows; “Since we started to close native dura and reinforce the closure with TissuePatchDural it has been absolutely impossible to see any difference in imaging between patients with T-dural overlying dura or without (the adherence is perfect so t-dural is fused with dura).”
From Tissuemed’s perspective it is gratifying to receive detailed and positive customer feedback, especially when it supports the preclinical findings. The conclusion from the evidence collected to date is that the patch remains adherent to the dural surface throughout the post-operative period, gradually degrading in situ.