In light of the ongoing presence of the COVID-19 virus, the need to follow social distancing measures and to limit social contact and travel, Tissuemed has implemented the following steps to continue to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19:

  • Tissuemed has conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment and has implemented strict preventative guidelines and measures within the organisation’s workplace. All Tissuemed employees, contractors and delivery personnel are required to follow these guidelines at all times when present in Tissuemed premises.
  • Following the above, Tissuemed has re-opened the company’s administrative offices and all employees have safely returned to work.
  • Tissuemed is currently limiting premises visitations to employees, contractors, and delivery personnel only. Ongoing communication with the organisation is recommended via telephone, email, or video communication platforms.
  • For all UK sales enquiries, Tissuemed’s sales contact remains the UK Sales Manager (Jessica Anderson – Jessica will continue to work mainly from home and is available to receive emails, phone calls or video communication. Jessica will be remotely checking in on our UK customers to see how they are and to provide assistance where required.
  • For all International sales enquiries, Tissuemed’s sales contact remains the Managing Director (Peter Maver – .

By implementing the above, Tissuemed can reassure all our customers that we remain fully functional and able to meet all requests, requirements, and orders as well as keeping all our employees as safe as possible.

Stay safe.

Peter Maver

Managing Director