Compelling New Clinical Data for TissuePatch™ in Head & Neck surgery


Surgeons from the Barts Health Trust and Homerton University Hospital in London, UK, recently presented new data in an ongoing retrospective analysis of the use of TissuePatch™ surgical sealant film to prevent post-operative bleeding after thyroid surgery. Find the e-poster here in our ‘Resource’ page. Titled “The use of TissuePatch, a self-adhesive sealant film to prevent post-operative vascular leakage after thyroid surgery,” the poster was presented during the 23rd International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ICOMS), in Hong Kong, 31st March-3rd April 2017.

The latest data – almost twice the original cohort, from in excess of 50 patients treated with TissuePatch™, demonstrated that drainage volume and length of patient stay were both lower compared with this centre’s comparative data when TissuePatch™ wasn’t used.

The mean length of stay for patients treated with TissuePatch™ was 1.6 days, compared to 3 days for the historic control patients. Furthermore, the average drainage volumes were 39.2ml and 60ml respectively.

The authors reported that no patients required blood transfusion or suffered post-operative haematoma.

Leo Cheng, lead investigator concluded; “We have found that the use of TissuePatch™ was a safe and effective adjunct to ensure an effective seal to potential sources of oozing or bleeding from the operative site.”

David Mandley for Tissuemed remarked; “This latest data from Leo Cheng’s team, is an excellent addition to the growing clinical evidence supporting the use of the TissuePatch™ product family as a surgical sealant film to prevent intra- and post-operative leaks. In parallel with a clear reduction in drainage volumes, patients were on average discharged a day earlier when TissuePatch™ was used.”