Coming soon… New data supporting TissuePatch™ for air leak reduction

One of the first articles to describe the potential of TissuePatch™ for air leak prevention, was presented by surgeons from the Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, during the 19th Annual Meeting of the European Thoracic Society (ESTS), held in France back in 2011.

The report, available here, provided a retrospective analysis of ‘initial experiences’ from a relatively modest patient cohort of 26, comparing it to an historical group comprising treatment with staple line buttresses. They concluded that use of TissuePatch could shorten operation time, duration of air leak and hospital stay, although the reduction in the latter two parameters was not statistically significant.

In the intervening period surgeons at Leicester have continued to use TissuePatch™ for air leak prevention during VATS lung volume reduction, with the number of patients and outcome data increasing accordingly.

With a larger cohort now having been treated with TissuePatch, Glenfield have reanalysed their data and significant findings will be presented at this year’s annual meeting of the Italian Thoracic Society being held in Rome, during October, and reported here in due course.