Cleanroom Added as Tissuemed Expands Production Capacity

Tissuemed has invested in a restructuring and substantial enlargement of its production facilities including a new cleanroom to meet growing global demand. The expansion is a positive step for the company as it sees continued growth in sales of its TissuePatch family of products.

Cleanroom capability expanded

Tissuemed has relocated its administration and packaging departments into an adjacent facility. This has enabled allowed the company to significantly upgrade and expand its production capability. Furthermore the additional physical space has facilitated infrastructure improvements. These include a second ISO class 7 cleanroom and enlargement of the Polymer Synthesis laboratory. It also means the business has been able to increase its capacity in storage and packaging areas.


Ian Thompson, Tissuemed’s Operations Director stated; “I’m delighted that have we secured the additional premises to house our growing operations. We are also extremely proud to be opening our new ISO class 7 cleanroom facility.

“This expansion will allow Tissuemed to continue to meet the growing demand for our TissuePatch™ family of products and for future product development.”