Chinese New Year Promises Success for Tissuemed

As China prepares for its New Year celebrations, Tissuemed CEO David Mandley has been in the country. He’s spent an intensive week visiting surgeons in Beijing, supporting Tissuemed’s Chinese partner.

One of the many impressive facilities visited, the 4,000 bed 301 Military Hospital, based in the north east of the city.

The aims of the trip were twofold: firstly to reinforce and expand on early successes with surgeons who already feature TissuePatch surgical sealant film in their clinical practice; secondly to offer corporate support to Tissuemed’s partner company as they continue to train and educate new customers.

David stayed in the capital, focusing his time in a number of notable hospitals and meeting clinicians from various specialities.

David in theatre with the Head of Thoracic Surgery at the Aerospace Center Hospital at Peking University (ASCH).

David commented; “It was a pleasure to join surgeons in theatre to witness first-hand how they’re using TissuePatch. It was encouraging to hear how the product is making a difference to clinical practice and to patient outcomes. Our local partner is doing a great job in Beijing and across China to raise awareness of Tissuemed’s surgical sealant range.”

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