Case study: Use of TissuePatchDural in ENT Surgery

CS6101 Use of TissuePatchDural™ to repair a Posterior semicircular canal perilymph fistula is a clinical case in which TissuePatchDural was used to secure a temporalis fascia graft during closure of an iatrogenic bony fistula in the Posterior semicircular canal. The authors, reporting from The Leicester Balance Centre note that this is new application for TissuePatchDural as a sealant over a fascial graft in ENT surgery. At follow up complete resolution of pressure-induced vertigo from the perilymph fistula was observed, with no relapse of symptoms when followed up 7 months after surgery. No hearing loss or worsening of balance was noted and there were no signs of ototoxicity when this synthetic material was applied to an opened labyrinth.