Can TissuePatch really do that?

This photo was taken in Tissuemed’s lab and was a result of one of those end-of-session moments when we get to explore a few boundaries in a less formal setting. On this occasion we decided to see just how strong our ultra thin self-adhesive film was when used to support an incised tissue surface. The pig lung in question was from our local abbattoir and arrived with this fairly typical “nasty gash” right across it and at least 5cm into the body of the lung tissue. We dried the lung surface and applied a 5 x 10cm patch, holding in place for roughly 30 seconds before taking this shot. What it demonstrates is the incredible shear force the product could withstand, showing good tissue apposition and zero gapping. If this degree of adhesion could be sustained it could open the door for TissuePatch products to be used in supporting suture closure of friable tissues or where the surgeon has concerns about his closure.