BAOMS 2011 – Poster presentation

Tissuemed is pleased to provide the e-poster from Mr Leo Cheng and colleagues at the Barts and The London and Homerton University NHS Trusts that was presented at the recent BAOMS meeting in Nice, France.

The poster describes a series of 62 patients undergoing thyroid surgery, 28 treated with TissuePatch3 and 34 without. In this series, use of TissuePatch3 resulted in a reduction of average bed stay from 3 to 2 days. There was also a decline in the average drainage from 60 to 28ml. No patients in this series had postoperative haemorrhage or recurrent laryngeal nerve interference.

Mr Cheng commented; “We have found that TissuePatch3 sealant film can be used as an adjunct to ensure an effective seal to the potential sources of oozing or bleeding from cut ends of thyroid tissue and thyroid bed”.

TissuePatch3 is sold through Tissuemed’s network of distributors across Europe and other global markets. For details of the distributor in your area please enquire here.