ASGBI – a very successful showcase in Bournemouth

New and existing Tissuemed products received a very warm reception at the well attended 2011 Association of Surgeons (of GB and Ireland) meeting in Bournemouth. One of the many highlights of the 3 days was the visit of labour peer Sir Robert Winston, who wished the recently extended Tissuemed team well with their drive to deliver UK research and development into a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. The TissuepatchDS (double-sided) & newest addition to the company’s TissuePatch surgical sealant film family, attracted a new cohort to the stand. Surgeons performing reconstructive procedures were particularly enthusiastic about how the time and energy involved in avoiding or minimising seroma formation could potentially be reduced by adopting Tissuemed’s double sided adhesive film to seal juxtaposed tissue surfaces. Many observed that reducing the risks and costs associated with extensive and prolonged wound drainage would be greatly appreciated by both patients and healthcare providers alike.