Adjunctive tissue closure can mean reduced patient stay

Duration of patient stay in hospital following an operation is an issue that is very much “of the moment”. Not only do patients prefer to be home sooner rather than later, but the simple economics of the exercise make a compelling argument for early discharge also. Surgeons glow with pride when their patients are discharged earlier than “the norm” following significant surgical procedures, and so they should, because in broad terms good surgery results in good outcome results in early discharge. All of this is highly relevant for Tissuemed because it describes the company’s raison d’etre in a round about way. For example, adjunctive use of TissuePatch is associated with reduced duration or requirement for post-operative drainage, which is furthermore associated with reduced patient morbidity. So by spending a little, the hospital has the opportunity to save a lot…and free up beds into the bargain. Patient discharge from hospital one day early more than justifies the cost of spending a minute on the use of one of Tissuemed’s TissuePatch family of products. The company is collating a body of evidence to substantiate and support this healthcare economic exercise in many surgical disciplines, of which more to follow in future posts.