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The Company

Tissuemed Polymer SynthesisTissuemed is a UK-based medical technology company with a reputation for innovation dating back over twenty years.  The company has its origins in the development of tissue-based therapeutic devices including development of the first tissue heart valve to gain regulatory approval in Europe.

Following divestiture of the heart valve business in 1999, Tissuemed focused its considerable scientific expertise on the development of surgical sealants.  Five years of research and development yielded the TissuePatch™ product family, which is now at the core of the company’s activities. These unique surgical films have been designed specifically to help surgeons to effectively seal tissues against leakage air, blood and other fluids, including Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF).

Proprietary Technology

The TissuePatch™ product range comprises synthetic, self-adhesive films with a multi-layer structure. All products incorporate a patented polymer on one side that bonds to tissue surfaces. The other surface is non-adhesive, providing favourable structural characteristics, ease of handling and potentially preventing post-surgical adhesions. TissuePatch films are ultimately resorbable and, reassuringly, based on polymers commonly used in other implants.

Flagship product TissuePatchDural™ is used for prevention of CSF leaks in Neuro and Spinal surgery when the Dura Mater has been breached. CSF leakage is something of an occupational hazard for the Neurosurgeon and can have serious patient consequences. Its avoidance is therefore desirable and furthermore makes economic sense by avoiding extended hospital stay.

Beyond Neurosurgery, TissuePatch has utility in many Thoracic surgery procedures too, playing its part in avoiding air leaks. It can also be used in a variety of other surgical applications where blood or fluid leakage would compromise the surgical outcome. In all cases the product is supported by economic arguments based on reducing complications and consequent patient stay in hospital.

The active component within the TissuePatch™ product family is Tissuemed’s TissueBond™ bioadhesive technology.  This polymer forms bonds to proteins on the tissue surface.

An overview of the Mode of Action of TissueBond™ is presented below.

TissuePatchDural Mode of Action

Tissuemed Cleanroom ManufacturingThe TissuePatch product family is manufactured by Tissuemed under Class 7 (10,000) clean room conditions.  State-of-the-art characterisation and analysis techniques underpin the company’s procedures and ensure delivery of consistently quality-assured products.