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The Company

Tissuemed Polymer SynthesisTissuemed is a UK-based medical technology company with a reputation for innovation dating back over twenty years.  The company focuses its considerable scientific expertise on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of surgical sealants. The TissuePatch™ product family, the result of five years research and development, is at the core of Tissuemed’s activities. These unique surgical films are an aid to surgery by sealing tissues against leakage of air, blood and other fluids, including Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF).

The Technology

The TissuePatch™ product range comprises synthetic, self-adhesive films. Although they are only 40microns thick, all products incorporate a patented polymer on one side that adheres to tissue surfaces, so-called TissueBond™ bioadhesive technology.  This polymer bonds to proteins on the tissue surface.

The upper surface is non-adhesive, providing favourable handling and structure.

TissuePatch™ films are resorbable and based on polymers that are commonly used in other surgical implants.



TissuePatch™ is indicated for use to seal and reinforce against:

  • Fluid (including cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)) and/or blood leakage where repair of the dura mater is required.
  • Air leakage in thoracic surgery (open and minimally invasive).
  • Leakage of low pressure or oozing bleeding or fluid leakage following surgical procedures on soft tissue.

TissuePatchDural™ is indicated for use to seal and reinforce against fluid (including cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)) and/or blood leakage where repair of the dura mater is required.

Both products are intended for use as an adjunct and are not intended to replace sutures or staples, as appropriate, in tissue approximation.


Mode of Action of TissueBond™ adhesive technology:

TissuePatchDural Mode of Action

Tissuemed Cleanroom ManufacturingThe TissuePatch product family is manufactured by Tissuemed under Class 7 (10,000) clean room conditions.  State-of-the-art characterisation and analysis techniques underpin the company’s procedures and ensure delivery of consistently quality-assured products.