Self-adhesive Surgical Sealant Films

Adjunctive to Surgical Closure, Protective Against Leaks

Leakage through surgical closures is an occupational hazard faced by surgeons of many specialities. It can lead to delayed healing, post-operative complications, longer hospital stay and avoidable costs.

TissuePatch™ is a self-adhesive film that helps surgeons to close and seal sutured and stapled internal tissues. TissuePatch™ is unique in its ability to bond to tissue surfaces. See how it bonds here.

As an aid to surgery, TissuePatch™ offers the potential to shorten procedure time, avoid post-operative complications, reduce length of stay and improve outcomes. It is supported by a significant body of clinical evidence.

Dry to the touch and easy to handle, TissuePatch™ facilitates leak-proof surgical closure of internal tissues.

TissuePatch™ was developed in collaboration with specialists from multiple different surgical disciplines.

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Every day Tissuemed’s technology is helping surgeons in operating rooms the world over. Contact us to find out how TissuePatch™ could apply to your patients.