Synthetic, Absorbable, Adhesive Surgical Films

Enhancing closure of soft tissues


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Tissuemed is pleased to announce the publication of a new clinical paper comparing the use of TissuePatchDural™ with a gel-type...

TissuePatch Works

TissuePatch's primary function is to achieve air/blood/fluid-tight tissue closure, acting as an adjunct to sutures or staples.

TissuePatch Supports

TissuePatch ultra thin "films" require no advance preparation and are easy to apply. They adhere to the proteins available on the surface of internal organs and tissues, enhancing traditional suture closure and supporting healing tissues.

TissuePatch Performs

First launched in 2007, TissuePatch products are in daily use across surgical specialities, with a growing body of supporting clinical evidence. With potential to shorten operation time, patient stay and reduce post operative problems associated with tissue leakage, TissuePatch should be part of every surgeon's armoury.